From Ulster to New Hampshire

Nutfield Petition names (1718) 

A fascinating document was put on line by the New Hampshire Historical Society.  Linda Merle posted this today on the Scotch-Irish Mailing List (Rootsweb):

“Dear folks, the facebook page of the North of Ireland Family History Society has posted a link to a transcription:
“of the original “Shute Petition” of 1718, and the list of Scots Irish men who requested a grant of land in New England… This land was Nutfield, which became Londonderry, New Hampshire “. Many of these men were able to sign their own names, indicating the high degree of literacy among Presbyterians, who valued being able to read the Bible.

If you suspect an ancestor came to this area, look for his name in the list here. As the names are not in alpha order, Use Edit> Find to search for it.  And if you don’t find it and it should be there, just read the list. (Extreme example: “Willeam Jeameson”)

“To His Excellency the Right Honourable Collonel Samuel Suitte Governour of New England:

 “We whose names are underwritten, Inhabitants of ye North of Ireland, Doe in our own names, and in the names of many others our Neighbours, Gentleman, Ministers, Farmers and Tradesmen Commissionate and appoint our trusty and well beloved Friend, the Reverend Mr. William Boyd of Macasky to His Excellency the Right Honorable Collonel Samuel Suitte Governour of New England, and to assure His Excellency of our sincere and hearty Inclination to Transport our selves to that very excellent and renowned Plantation upon our obtaining from his Excellency suitable incouragement. And further to act and our hands this 26th day of March, Annoq. Dom. 1718.”

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