Free Irish Genealogy eBooks

—Bellevue, Washington Page 8
If you have Irish ancestry -as 34.5 million Americans do–then you’re in luck when it comes to finding free online
resources that help with your ancestral search. In fact there’s a website that’s dedicated to making these scattered re-
sources more easily accessible. That site is called simply Free Irish Genealogy eBooks. It’s an Index to about 4000 free
online books and journals on the topics of Irish, Irish-American, Irish-Australian and Irish-Canadian Genealogy–all of
which can be read online. Most of them can also be downloaded to tablets of one form or another. Since most of these
items are very old, they are most likely out-of-print, out-of-copyright, or only printed in very short printruns and nearly unavailable in traditional paper format. That’s where the Internet, Peter J. Clarke, and the many digital books available come to our rescue. You can find the site at Family Roots Publishing Company newsletter, March 14, 2015)

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