Websites for S-I Research

Scotch-Irish and Ulster Scots Research

Keep in mind that some “Ulster Scots” or “Scotch Irish” never were Scots at all. Yet everyone tries to trace their family back there, unaware that Ulster in the early 1600s was a place of immigration for Welsh, English, Germans, Dutch, French, etc, etc, as well as home for the Irish. Whole populations of Protestant French were settled there, people forced into exile by the Thirty Years War. Others were brought over to start local industries like lace making and linen production.

Rootsweb Scotch-Irish Mailing list:

Go to, Select Mailing Lists from the top bar. Find a mailing list: type in “scotch-irish” and select the 3rd item from the list that is returned. Subscribe to the list. (I prefer the Digest because otherwise I get too much mail.) And/or scroll down and click on  Search the Scotch-Irish archives  Look for Names, Locations or other related topics.

UlsterHeritage.comthe main website of several sites with information and help for Ulster researchers.

Ulster Genealogya blog by Linda Merle to publish resources relevant to genealogical research in Ulster.

Ulster Heritage Foruma forum for discussions on Ulster, Ulster Surnames and Ulster DNA.

Scotch Irish in New England by Linda Merle

Donegal to Western Pennsylvania.

Don’t forget to look at the all-Ireland pages as well, as before the 1920s Northern Ireland was not separate from Ireland as a whole.


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